South Moline Township Assessor


Q: How does my assessment relate to market value?
A: The State of Illinois requires that all property be assessed at 33.33% of market value for property tax purposes. To determine your home’s market value based on the assessment, simply divide your equalized assessment by .3333.

Q: Why are my taxes so high?
A: The job of the Assessor is to only estimate the value of your property. The amount of taxes is determined by the taxing bodies (i.e. school districts, cities, counties, townships) that are listed on your property tax bill.

Q: Does the Assessor raise my assessment if I do normal maintenance on my house?  
A: No, most maintenance items (i.e. reroof, painting, windows) will not raise your assessment.

Q: Why has the value of my property increased when I have done nothing? 
A: Improving your home is not the only reason to cause an increase in value. One of the biggest reasons is inflation. Even though your house isn’t for sale, it can be worth more based on what other properties in your neighborhood are selling for at this time.

Q: When I get my tax bill, is it too late to complain? 
A: In most instances, it is. You must file your appeal in the previous fall for it to be effective on the tax bill you receive the following spring.  

Q: How is my tax bill calculated? 
A: The bill is calculated as follows: (Final Equalized Assessed Value) – (Exemptions) X (Current Tax Rate) = Total Tax Bill

Q: Why is my neighbor’s tax bill different than mine when we have similar homes? 
A: You need to compare assessed values, not tax dollar amounts. Not all properties have the same exemptions, while some could have special assessments. Some properties could be assessed differently because of location or amenities. 

Q: How do I file a complaint with the Board of Review? 
A: All appeals to the Board of Review must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the County publication. In Rock Island County, the publication usually is mid to end of September. However, the date does vary. You are encouraged to contact your Assessor’s office (309-736-0814) before submitting your appeal.. 

Q: Will my assessment increase because I recently purchased my home?  
A: In most cases, the answer is no. Assessments generated for taxation purpose are to be valued using mass appraisal techniques, not on an individual property basis. This means we look at trends in the market of similar homes before the assessments are raised or lowered.

Q: What will happen to my assessment if I put on an addition to my home?  
A: Any improvement such as an addition, deck, finished basement, porch, or garage would increase your assessed value. The amount added to your assessment for the improvement would qualify for the Home Improvement Exemption where the increase is exempted for four (4) years. There is a $25,000 cap in assessed value. This exemption is completed by our office and a copy is mailed to you in the fall.