South Moline Township Assessor


There are several exemptions that are available to our Township property owners.

  1. General Homestead / Owner Occupied – This exemption lowers the assessed value up to $6,000 for any Township resident who owns and occupies their home on or before January 1 of each taxable year.

  2. Senior Homestead – Any Township resident who is/ or turns 65 and owns and lives in their home. This is a $5,000 reduction in assessed value. This application can be completed any time during the year that you become 65. Proof of age (driver’s license) is needed to apply.

  3. Senior Assessment Freeze – The Freeze is for those residents who are 65 years old with a total Household income of under $65,000. You must also have lived in your home 1 full calendar year before filing for the exemption. To apply for the freeze, bring in your completed Federal 1040 for the year you are filing. This Exemption needs to be renewed annually and should be completed by July 1 each year.

  4. Home Improvement – This exemption defers for four (4) years any increase in assessed value (up to $25,000) due to any addition or improvement to your home for which the Assessor would add value. The Assessor automatically applies for this Exemption and will mail you a copy of the completed application.

Please stop by our office to apply for the above Exemptions.

Additionally, you may qualify and receive only one of the following Exemptions:

  1. Returning Veteran’s Exemption – This is a $5,000 reduction in assessed value in the year in which you are returning from active duty

  2. Disabled Veteran’s Standard Exemption – This Exemption provides a reduction in assessed value of a primary residence occupied by a disabled veteran. You must have at least a 30% service connected disability certified by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. The reduction value is based on the percentage of disability.

  3. Disabled Persons Exemption – This Exemption is a $2,000 reduction in assessed value. You must be disabled or become disabled during the assessment year.

For more information on the above three (3) exemptions, please contact the CCAO office at 309-558-3660




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