South Moline Township Assessor


The Township Assessor is not a TAX assessor. The Township Assessor does not determine, calculate or bill your property taxes. The Township Assessor is similar to an appraiser but instead of appraising (or assessing) a single property, we value many properties at a time, referred to as mass appraisal.

The Assessment Process is actually a two (2) year cycle. The Township Assessor’s function is to determine the value of all real property within the Township. The date of assessment is January 1 of each assessment year. The Illinois Property Tax Code mandates that the assessed value of each property be 33 1/3% of the fair market value. An example is if the market value of a property is $100,000 the assessed value would be 33,330 (100,000 x .3333).

In order to put an assessment on a property, the Township Assessor keeps information on all properties under their jurisdiction. The Property Record Card (PRC) details this information. As a property owner, you may request a copy from our office or view the information on this website.

A major factor in valuing properties are the sales of properties. The Assessor tracks the real estate market in the three (3) years prior to the assessment date to determine if the assessed value of the properties are increasing, decreasing or maintaining their value.

Once all assessments are completed each year, they are sent to the Rock Island County Chief County Assessment Officer (CCAO). The CCAO has additional statutory responsibilities including equalization of all the assessments within the County. When that is completed, the assessments are turned over to the Rock Island County Board of Review.

The 2nd year of the tax cycle is the year in which the taxes are collected. The Rock Island County tax bills are usually mailed in May. Payments can be made in 4 installments in the months of June, August, September and November.



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